Clinical Experience

The students obtain clinical experience from our own Indira Gandhi Hospital, Govt. ESI hospital with 750 beds. The variety and a number of cases attended in all these hospitals have been a great book to the students training.

Well Equipped Laboratory

The clinical laboratory is fully equipped to conduct several Biochemical, Hematological and Microbiological investigation. The Anatomy and Physiology laboratories are well equipped. The Nursing Art lab is fully fledged with dummies, models, charts and all equipments needed for the students’ learning. The community and nutrition laboratories are also well equipped with all facilities.

Library and Reading Room

In view of the hard work and effort expected to be put by students of the institution, provision has been made to have a well-equipped school library resources. The books can be checked out for a period of a week. The books have to be returned promptly on or before the due date. The books, journals and all the printed materials in the library are the property of the institution. They should be handled with care. The books assigned to be “reference” section of the library, should not be taken out.


All students shall be residents of the college hostel and shall be under the direct care and supervision of the warden of the hostel. Living in a group which is homogeneous in nature has the added advantages of the members having better understanding of each other’s needs, having better tolerance, better co-operation and sharing to make living in a share accommodation easy and pleasant for every one.


Our college bus will pick up the students to go for various medical camps arranged time-to-time. Students can avail the transportation facilities to go for their hospital training as well as community health.

Health Checkup

On admission every student will under-go a medical examination. An annual check-up will be done for all the students. Medical care will be given to them in case of illness at hospitals as per the students’ health scheme.


The college has its own canteen and the food prepared is homely and hygienic in nature. This ensures the students are in good health during the tenure of their studies in this college.

Cultural Activities

In view of the main aim of education as the total development of a person, a number of opportunities are provided for the students to develop their skills and talents at various levels such as yoga, music, dance, indoor and out door games and sports.

Community Service

The college conducts regular community services like health camps, hospital visits, picnic, outings, and so on to develop the social responsibility to the students so that they become the responsible citizen tomorrow.


Our college is in collaboration with Jayadeva Institute of Cardiology, Bangalore, Caveary Medical Centre, Neha Prakash Hospital, Yelahanka, Aswini Hospital, Yelahanka for recruitment and placement of our Nursing Graduates.

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