Message From Administrator

Chitharanjan .D


This Prospectus is a reflection of the efforts and achievements of the past and the present and an opportunity to survey the goals ahead of us.

The Indira Gandhi College of Nursing has been doing its best to promote and encourage the all-round development of the students, as a preparation for the Nursing profession they have to take in the coming years. In this process of ‘tempering’ and ‘shaping’ our education goes beyond academics to the wider perspective that “Education has for its object the formation of character”. With this goal in mind, the staff of Indira Gandhi College of Nursing strives towards perfecting the minds of the students through an innovative value based curriculum inculcating in them the need to put others before them with the faith that “It is good to do good to all”.

We have miles to go on the road to our ideas. And this is possible with the dedicated team spirit of our staff, complemented by the constructive co-operation of the Trust, the parents and the community in general.

I pray for the success in all their endeavors.

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